Daffodils and Daffodil Bouquets

There are few flowers that express the joy and renewal of spring quite like daffodils. These radiant white and yellow flowers perfectly complement light and airy outdoor celebrations like birthdays or graduation. Pair them with tulips to create elegant mixed daffodil bouquets for spring weddings or an anniversary!

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What Do Daffodil Flowers Look Like?

Daffodil flowers have a unique yet simple look that's perfect for brightening up the entryway to your home or for adding a little extra pop to an outdoor seating area on a spring night. Daffodils are typically either yellow or white, with six wide petals that fan out away from a central trumpet-shaped bloom called the corona. (Often white daffodils have a yellow/gold corona.) Their wide petals and bright, simple colors make daffodils easy to pair with other flowers in a mixed bouquet. They go well with more ornate flowers like tulips, or with a variety of smaller or more densely flowering plants.

Find Daffodils Online for Any Spring Event

With their bright colors and a light, inviting scent that brings to mind the first days of spring, daffodils often symbolize care and renewal. They typically grow from February to April when bulbs are planted in the fall, making them perfect for spring celebrations like birthdays, graduations, and anniversaries. A slim vase of several daffodils could be the perfect way to embody the spirit of inspiration and renewal for an intimate outdoor anniversary dinner on a cool spring night. Alternately, you may use daffodils to accent a bouquet of birthday flowers in complementary spring colors like pinks and purples. Daffodils are also often used as Easter flowers, sometimes alternately called "the Lent lily."

Have Daffodils Delivered to Your Door

Share the warmth and excitement of spring with a vibrant daffodil bouquet. FTD makes it easy to have daffodils delivered to you or a loved one's address, or have pre-made floral baskets shipped to an event venue for easy set-up on a special day. Whether you need flowers for a specific occasion or you just want to bring the energy of spring into your home, we have online daffodils and bouquets to suit any need.