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Rainbow Flowers & Bouquets

For a truly attention grabbing floral gift, there's nothing quite like the surprise of having rainbow flowers delivered. These fun and colorful flowers combine the kaleidoscopic energy of a rainbow with the natural beauty of a flower in full bloom. Whether you want to add a colorful twist to your decorations for a birthday celebration or you're looking to show a sweetheart how uniquely special they are, rainbow bouquets are a joy to behold.

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What Do Rainbow Bouquets Symbolize?

These stunning multi-colored flowers capture the joy in any situation, from birthdays and graduation celebrations to those moments when you just want to show a friend how much they mean to you. Rainbow bouquets typically represent excitement, happiness and feelings of celebration, so they're a great choice any time you want to share your joy with those around you. Their unique color pattern also makes rainbow flowers a fun and enthusiastic way to show someone special that you think they're one-of-a-kind.   If you're looking for a more traditional burst of colors, pick out your favorite flower and try a mixed bouquet with one of each color!

How Do You Grow Rainbow Flowers?

One question that often comes up when people see these beautiful blooms for the first time is, "are rainbow flowers real?" The answer is… yes and no. While we offer a selection of fresh online rainbow roses you can order to surprise a friend or liven up a bouquet for a special event, they are not a naturally occurring type of flower. Rather, the buds of a white flower must be dyed through a special process early in the growth cycle, which results in the petals taking on various colors as they bloom.   So while rainbow roses are real, fresh flowers that feel and smell like the roses you're used to seeing, an artificial process is required to get their unique and colorful pattern.

Have Rainbow Flower Arrangements Delivered

Our partnerships with local florists in your area make it easy to have rainbow flowers delivered for your next event or special occasion. Looking for a fun way to surprise someone special? Let one of our florist's artfully constructed online rainbow flower arrangements express how much you care!