With the many holidays celebrated throughout the year, Ramadan marks a very special time of the year. It is the holy month of fasting observed by Muslims all around the world. In fact, it is the most sacred month of the entire year for those who celebrate Ramadan. For friends, family and loved ones who recognize this religious holiday, they fast every day from dawn to sunset. While it is a time of practicing spiritual discipline, it is also a time of celebration spent with loved ones. Whether you are gathering with your loved ones during Ramadan or sending them joy from afar, we have a collection of flowers and gifts that are sure to delight.

When it comes to giving gifts during Ramadan, flower bouquets are always a great choice. Not only is it tradition to scent your home to get it ready for the holiday, but arrangements serve as a thoughtful reminder of your love and support. Ramadan flowers come in many colors, textures and sizes to send to your friends and family. Our local florists handcraft arrangements and deliver them as soon as the same day. We also offer safe and contact-free delivery, so if you cannot join the celebration, you can have your Ramadan flower delivery sent safely to your loved one's door.

How to Celebrate Ramadan with Flowers and Plants from FTD

Flowers are always a welcome gift for those showing reverence during Ramadan. If you're looking for a long-lasting gift that will grow beautifully for the entire month, Ramadan plants make the perfect gift. We have a wide selection of fresh plants, flowering plants, green plants and more to send to your loved ones. All of our high-quality plants are shipped from our growers and arrive at your loves one's door to make your gathering beautiful!