White Bird of Paradise


White Bird of Paradise

The large, banana–like leaves of White Bird of Paradise bring a taste of the tropics to your home. This plant thrives in bright light and will eventually grow 5 to 7 feet tall. (Outdoors it can grow much taller). Your Bird of Paradise will add a striking vertical accent to any large, open space in your home. Although White Bird of Paradise won't flower indoors, they are still prized for their amazing foliage and forgiving temperament. AN EASY TO GROW PLANT WITH A BIG PERSONALITY: It requires minimal care and adds instant beauty to your home or office.


  • This plant is approximately 28–36 inches tall.
  • Comes in a woven seagrass basket.
  • Care Tips: White Bird of Paradise does best when placed in a room that receives bright, indirect sunlight. Water with 2–3 cups of water about once a week, or when soil is dry be sure to drain any excess water.
  • This plant is best suited for growing indoors and patios during warmer months.
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